Ride your bike to the pool, sun is hot water’s cool.
Goggles on past the park, take a break, it’s all a lark, all a lark.

Roller-skate figure eight, school is done celebrate.
Playing catch with a friend, hope July will never end, never end

Skinned up knees.
Shady grove and a willow breeze.
Braided hair, banana seats,
popsicles and sticky treats.

Fireworks in the sky, ala mode apple pie.
Lemonade at the stand, baby brother lends a hand, lends a hand.

Tastee freeze.
Dragon flies and bumble bees.
Slip ’n slide, n’ shoeless feet,
Let’s outrun the summer heat.

In August we’ll head to the beach, and build castles in the sand.
We’ll fly kites the wind is right, and send a postcard to gramps and gram.

Sun has set stars are out, all the kids race about.
Mom and dad share a swing, holding hands, a joyful thing, joyful thing.