Crossing Guard

from the album

Give a friendly wave to the crossing guard.
She is very nice and she's working hard
making sure you're safe on your way to school.
She's looking out for you.

It's the morning and you're feeling fine.
You rush to school at 8:09.
You think that you will be on time,
but lots of cars are in a line,
and you have to cross the street
'cause your traveling on your feet.
She'll give the sign.

In white gloves and a bright orange vest,
You'll notice her the way she's dressed.
A shiny badge upon her chest,
to her credentials to attest.
With a whistle just like Coach
she can blow when cars approach,
she'll do her best.

It's a new year in a brand new town.
You're nervous, and you're feeling down.
You wonder how you'll get around.
A whistle! Hey, you know that sound.
Then you see a smiling face
guiding cars to the right place.
You know he'll help.
Help you get around.

Give a friendly wave to your crossing guard.
He is always nice, and he's working hard.
Making sure you're safe on your way to school.
He's looking out for you, so obey his rules.