Rocknoceros Theme

from the album

We are the blanky in your arms
The fuzzy bear and all his charms
We're here to sing and play for you
We'll dance and jump like kangaroos!

We'll sing 'bout veggies, eating greens
'Bout diap's and 'jams and what they mean
'Bout dogs and cats and yummy yams
We'll stomp and march and all clap hands!

Rocknoceros, Rocknoceros

My name is Coach, I move around
And I get bottoms off the ground
I've got a whistle and a clock
So follow me and we will ROCK!

I'm Williebob the guitar man
I play in rhythm with the band
And there's no song I cannot play
And I rock-noce-ros all night and day!

We're a team for fun and games
Can you sing both our names?
Coach Cotton, Williebob!
Coach Cotton, Williebob!

I'm Boogie Woogie Bennie, and
I give the other two a hand
To get you on your feet
Dancing to the Boogie Beat!

We're a team for fun and games
Can you sing all our names?
Coach Cotton, Williebob!
Boogie Woogie Bennie too!

Our show is for the little ones
And moms and dads who still like fun
So don't be bashful, don't be shy
Wiggle, shake, point to the sky!

We hope our Rockno lullaby
Will put a twinkle in your eye
And we'll listen with our ears
To hear you sing our Rockno cheer!