Big Head

from the album

He said over breakfast,
"Oh, what can I do?
I've got a big head
And it's making me blue."
His cowboy hat measures
A quarter and nine
His bicycle helmet
Is bigger than mine, and that's fine

I had to be straight with the kid cuz he's bright
So on the porch we talked into the night.

Some folks are fat, and some folks are thin
Some finish first, and some can't begin
Some are tall, some are short
Some have noses built to snort.

There's big feet, and small feet, and feet missing toes
There's Larry, and Lumpy, and Snorty and Rose
Some folks are dark, and some folks are light
Some folks are both, and all kinds are alright.

Honestly, now, son
Your grape is a big 'un
But it's okay, don't let that scare you
Or make you feel weepy
Cuz you're loved so deeply
By mom and dad and Aunt Selma, too, and that's true.

"Well, if you say that it's okay
Then I guess that it's okay
Heck, maybe I'll grow into this big head someday."