Seven Days A Week

from the album

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Seven days a week are all there are
Then they repeat for just as far
As you can see, week after week
Sunday's first, then Monday’s done
And Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday come
And Friday finally brings us Saturday

Sunday comes
You play outside and then the family takes a ride
To get some dinner and some ice cream
Monday comes
You're off to school where you can learn the golden rule
To treat your friends as they should treat you

Tuesday comes
And you just smile because in a little while
Your dad will get home and he'll hug you
Wednesday comes
You're halfway there, you kiss your mom, she combs your hair
And holds you tight because she loves you

Thursday comes
It comes and goes just like the sand between your toes
Before you know, tomorrow’s Friday
You sleep in late
Tomorrow starts another week and you can’t wait!