Nappin' Time

from the album

Well here we are, it's that time o' day
We had breakfast, saw friends and we played
So let's take a break, give some rest to your head
Let's not have a fuss before bed.

They say absence makes the heart grow more fond
And I’ll ponder that while mowin’ the lawn
While you're sleepin’ the frownin’ minutes away
I'll take care of the bills we must pay.

Oh it’s nappin’ time again, you’re gettin sleepy
I see that far away look in your eyes
I can tell by the way you’re lookin’ at me
That it won’t be long before beddy-bye.

It’s nappin’ time again.

The sun in the west is now hoverin’
And the sheets on your bed are for coverin’
Your lil’ bones weary, from a day full of fun
Rest well like the retirin’ sun.

I’ll step lightly while filin’ away the debris
and marvel at the calamity,
Wrought by you and your friends cuz what don’t break can bend,
And it’s restin’ that helps busted things mend.