Lucky Lindy

from the album

Lucky Lindy was an aviator
a transatlantic navigator.
In the Spirit of St Louis
he took off and over-flew us
and alighted 3000 miles later
Lucky Lindy was an aviator.

The year was 1927
when Lindy’s plane rose to the heavens.
Headed for the Eiffel Tower
at 100 miles per hour
with only a single engine revvin'
The year was 1927.

Climb up to the sky, Mr Airplane Man
Leave the world behind fly like Peter Pan
A map and a compass will keep you on track
Guide you to Paris then bring you on back

The President of France would greet him
and Calvin Coolidge too would meet him.
He was bestowed great accolades
and a ticker-tape parade
and children all dreamt they could be him
featured in the Air and Space Museum.

How awesome to fly, Mr. Airplane Man
Floating on the air in your metal can
into the horizon the Spirit will go
The stars and the planets all brightly glow