Harry Elefante

from the album

My name is Harry.
Yo soy elefante.
I find mice scary,
y yo soy gigante.

If you should meet me,
say "mucho gusto, Harry!"
We will completely
have a time that is merry.

Singing playing baseball,
swinging in the dance hall.
Hopscotch on the playground.
Jumping up and down to the island sound.

piano/marimba solo

Don't ask me how I
wound up in Havannah
or why I eat less
green grass than banana.

Out in the sun, I
work all through the day-o.
And spend the evenings,
listening to calypso.

Cantamos canciones,
bailamos en rincones.
Nos reímos sin razón.
Azúcar algodón, comemos all night long.

guitar solo

Big ears make easy,
keeping cool when hot.
They keep it breezy,
when outside it's not.

I have a trunk and
it packs a lot of power.
Or it can gently,
pick a pretty flower.

Peanut quesadillas
banana sopaipillas
leaf and bark burritos
mango mojitos

Harry Elefante. Harry Elefante.
Harry Elefante is an elephant.
A hairy elephant.
An elephant savant.