from the album

Louisiana’s where I’m going
carrying my trombone.
Don’t tell the people down there
that it’s time to go home.

Play all night, sing all day,
a zydeco lover’s dream.
Feel the blues in Baton Rouge and jazz in New Orleans

I'll hone my chops just like old Pops
when he’s blowing his horn;
get some skills
and give some thrills
like I”m Jellyroll Morten

The sun comes up,
I'll go back home,
lie in bed and then,
sleep in late,
and when I wake,
I’ll start all over again.

Louisiana’s where I’m going
come along I say.
Feel the warmth of southern nights
and lazy humid days.

We’ll walk along the river see
the Mississippi Royal
etouffee and sweet beignet
all at a crawfish boil.

And when that cajun rhythm swells
You wanna dance and sing
To find the groove on the Bayou
is such a sweet, sweet thing.

I’ll sip iced tea and wipe my brow
and watch the ships go by.
and let the twilight fade to night
across Louisiana skies.