from the album

I’ve counted waves at Waikiki,
Cresting to infinity.
Watched stars beneath the mango tree,
And tasted fruit of sweet lichee.

On the Big Island where lava flows,
You can hear the wind say aloha.
It’s a big island of bright rainbows,
And the people all say aloha!

Waves comes crashing down on bodies splashing,
Sun-tan lotion by the ocean relaxing.
If you come stay on the Big Island,
Then you best learn to say aloha.

On the Valley Isle where taro grows,
Share some poi and then say mahalo.
Feel the sand beneath your naked toes,
and be sure to then say mahalo.

Turtles roaming in the gloaming daily,
Hammocks swaying dolphins playing so gaily.
If you come stay in ole Hawaii,
then you best learn to say Aloha!